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    LCD TVFlat panel HD LCD television still holds its spot at the top most popular kind of HDTVs. Although it is quite a little expensive compared to other kinds, such as the plasma TVs, still LCD TVs are the favorite HDTVs to buy by most of our TV shoppers. Most probably because this kind has noticeably more variations, which gives us lots of choices, plus as LCD TVs of different brands were continuously enhanced and produced, and they prices in fact, falls, compared to LCDs costs before.

    Generally, one of the LCDs greatest feature is that its ability to reflect less ambient light, which is however, one downside of plasmas. LCDs can function very well even in very bright rooms, with very little light control. This is primarily because of its glossy / matte screen, which is the one that do the trick, as compared to the glass screen of plasmas. This also serves are one major advantage for LCDs - since its screen is much easier to repair (and is cheaper indeed) compared to plasmas’ glass screens.

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    High definition LCD TVs also has adequate response time, especially with the newer LCDs released in the market. Just like the plasmas, this feature allows you to watch fast moving objects at its best quality, although many studies and reviews have made that plasma’s similar feature is still much better that with the LCD’s. However, based from most customers’ own experiences, the difference between the two is very unnoticeable, and both don’t show any blurring of images at all.

    The demand for LCD TVs remains consistent and even more rises, mainly because of its continuous enhancements, as well as its competitive selling price that continuously goes down. Even though one of the most obvious drawback of an LCD is its viewing angles, which is also very much observed with other products having LCD monitors like notebooks, hi-tech cell phones and PDAs, still LCDs remains on its seat, being the best selling kind of HDTVs.

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