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    Panasonic HDTVSince 1965, Panasonic has been producing television sets and they've kept on finding ways to improve our viewing experience. Panasonic, who is among the Worldwide Top 20 Semiconductor Sales Leaders, is also known in the HDTV market with their VIERA brand.

    Panasonic Viera also has a wide range of series that you can choose from that fits your needs and budget. These are the Z series, V series, G series, and S series and X series. Panasonic Viera promise to deliver exceptional picture quality, stylish design and environment friendly HDTV. Viera plasma panels are mercury and lead free which reduces its impact in the environment when you dispose them in the future. Well, regarding disposing Viera panels, which in fact can be used for more than 30 years! Thanks to its new phosphor process and rear panel process. Panasonic also improved its energy-saving efficiency with an automatic off function and fine power control.

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    Panasonic VIERA also has other features like VIERA Image Viewer which allows you to view full-HD images thru its SD card slot. You can put background music or display effects while viewing motion images and photos. It also uses WirelessHD that could transmit uncompressed 1080p video, audio, and control signals through a wireless connection. Aside from that it also has Viera Link, which allows you to network different AV devices with your Viera TV and operate them using the Viera remote control. Lastly, you can also view Internet contents such as photos, videos, weather and even stock information with its built-in Viera CAST feature. (Available with Z series, V series and G plasma series).

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