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    plasma tvHigh Definition Plasma TV is one of the most recommended HDTVs to buy for our TV shoppers. First, it is cheaper compared to LCD TVs of the same size, although their price differs very little actually.

    Some of the most famous manufacturers of plasma TVs are Samsung, LG and Panasonic. These big 3 continually make their way for better innovations of HD plasma TVs, by further enhancing its picture quality, and energy efficiency. Since plasmas used to consume more power compared to other kinds such as the LCDs, plasma manufacturers are concentrating on this aspect to lessen or completely eliminate this one little drawback of plasma TVs inventions.

    But overall, plasma TVs is so far one of the best choices in selecting your HD television. Aside from the fact that it’s slim and lightweight compared to rear projection TVs, and the usual DTVs, plasmas have an excellent fast response time which makes your viewing very clear ever at fast motion videos and blurring is definitely unnoticeable.

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    Plasma TVs usually also has a better image quality, compared to other types of HDTVs. One proof to that it has wider viewing angles and images are still viewed in good quality even at far different angles. Although also one disadvantage of plasma TVs, which is negligible as well, is that although they are lighter and in slim profile compared to other types of televisions, however, they are still heavier than the LCDs of the same size, generally because of plasma’s glass screen.

    Plasma TVs are created, invented and projected to last for at most 20 years with its best performance, with an approximately 8 hours of continuous usage per day.

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