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    Samsung HDTVSamsung Electronics is one of the global market leaders in consumer electronics and known as the world's number 1 manufacturer of LCD panels. Samsung also shows different ways to enjoy high definition entertainment thru built-in features in their HDTVs. You can experience it thru their PLASMA, LCD and their newest LED TVs.

    Samsung's plasma TVs are “HD tick” complaint, ensures screen resolution is compatible with High Definition broadcast on free to air digital TV. It also has Anynet, an AV network system to automatically control Samsung audio-video processes and a promising 100Hz Dual Scanning. The plasma series is also powered with Samsung's DNIe (Digital Natural Image engine) which enhances 4 key areas of a display (motion, contrast, color and detail).

    Under their LCD series you can enjoy innovative media features such as Infolive, Wiselink Pro and Content Library. Infolive allows user to access real time information and media services. You can use Infolive even you are watching TV programs thru the remote control. Wiselink pro will let you access multimedia files thru your USB storage devices. Content Library is a collection of interesting categories (such as games, cooking, fitness, etc.) that you can access without connecting to the internet or any external device. Samsung's LCD series also ensure faster response thru their Motion Plus technology.

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    The latest with Samsung’s High Definition products is their LED HDTV Series. Promising much better output than LCD HDTVs which uses CCFL, Samsung also uses their Auto Motion Plus technology to prevent motion blurs and image judder. Another feature included is Medi@ 2.0 suite, where you can enjoy different multimedia options built-in the system. It is composed of Internet@tv, dlna wireless, usb 2.0 movie and content library.

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