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    Sharp HDTVSharp Corporation, or simply Sharp, sure is one of the most famous electronics manufacturer in the world.

    Founded in 1912, this Japan technology manufactures a variety of consumer electronic products such as mobile phones, microwave oven, TVs, fax machines, calculators, and many more.

    One of the most talked about Sharp production brought out in the market is its newest innovation on LCD high definition TVs- under the name of Aquos.

    Sharp’s Aquos, which is derived from two separate words “aqua” and “quality,” is one in the range of LCD HDTVs invented by Sharp who made its debut just this year. Sharp Aquos ranges from the portable and handier models such as the 13 in. B series; up to home theater screens with the size of 65 in. high definition screens.

    Did you know that Sharp is the very first and the only one to manufacture the largest LCD TV in the world? Yes, it was made public on January 2007, which is a 108 in. prototype with the size of 2.386 × 1.344 m.

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    And now, once again, Sharp Corporation makes its step ahead in introducing the very first series of high definition LCD televisions to integrate Blu-Ray Disc Players on it, courtesy of the well respected Japanese industrial designer Toshiyuki Kita.

    One of the latest innovations in Sharp’s Aquos, more specifically in the Aquos DH77 series is the ‘eco-friendly’ Sharp Aquos LC-46DH77E- a 46 in. model LCD HDTV, with full HD 1080p resolution, and a very quick response time of 4ms.

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