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    Sony HDTVIntroduced in 2005, BRAVIA is Sony's representative in the High-Definition TV market. BRAVIA stands for "Best Resolution Audio Visual Integrated Architecture" and uses the slogan "Color like no other." Aside from producing deeper black, more natural skin tones and sharper images, SONY BRAVIA promise to deliver ultra-fast screen response time with the help of their trademarked Motionflow Technology, which will prevent any motion blur, judder, or frame repetition.

    SONY BRAVIA is released (in the US) thru different series namely V-series, W-Series, Z-Series and the XBR series which is subdivided.

    Among the series, V-Series is the only one that uses 60Hz Motionflow technology. You can also expand its functionalities with BRAVIA Link modules, an expansion that will allow you to watch internet video using your broadband connection, convert DVDs to 1080p resolution, and let you transmit HD video/audio wirelessly.

    W-Series is designed for faster action; 120Hz Motionflow technology lets you enjoy clearer and smoother motion.

    The Z-Series has DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) which will let you access photos with smoother color transition thru DLNA-enabled PCs and other devices.

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    XBR series (eXtended Bit Rate) has XBR6, XBR7, and XBR8. Sony is posing XBR8 series as the next step in HDTV technology which uses their new advanced video processing system, BRAVIA Engine 2 PRO, and TRILUMINOS® RGB Dynamic LED backlight that produces images with enhanced color purity, image depth and shadow detail.

    These series are released to meet consumer’s needs and financial capability to own one. High quality HD experience is assured as well by SONY in all models.

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