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    Toshiba HDTVAnother Japanese multinational electronic devices manufacturer who is vesting its way in the world of high definition TVs- is Toshiba.

    Toshiba Corporation’s main businesses are the production of personal computers, infrastructure, consumer products, and other kinds of electronic devices.

    In fact, Toshiba is next to Hewlett-Packard, Dell, and Acer in the top-most spot of being one of the Top 20 Semiconductor Sales Leaders worldwide.

    If you have heard of Toshiba Regza, then that again is another magnificent technology presented to us by Toshiba, venturing its market in the world of high definition televisions.

    The Regza Toshiba XV648, being presented with its tagline “Deep high contrast in all light conditions,” was introduced just this year and is boasted to have the technology they call “CrystalCoat” which prevents light reflections from lessening the contrast quality of the image. With this, Toshiba answers the drawback of having poor image viewing due to uncontrolled light within the surrounding.

    Toshiba XV648 series comes in three sizes: the 40” Toshiba 40XV648U, the 46” Toshiba 46XV648U, and as the 52” Toshiba 52XV648U.

    Basically Toshiba divides its high definition TVs into 3 categories: namely the LED TV, LCD TV, and LCD/DVD Combo.

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    In the line of their LED TVs- the New REGZA® Cinema Series® LED- is claimed by Toshiba as the most beautiful TV they’ve ever produced so far, having both the best of quality in the HDTV technology, plus a design that is made very stylish and elegant.

    On the other hand, Toshiba’s LCD high definition TVs come in all sizes; from the smallest ones which measures 15"-23", the mid-size of 26”-37”, up to their biggest LCD TVs having the size of 40” and up.

    While Toshiba’s LCD HDTV/DVD Combo, as explained from the name itself, is an HDTV and DVD built in one, and is currently also one of the best buys in the HDTV market.

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